Search for gunman in Pine Hills shootings

Orange County deputies are searching for a shooter after two men were shot at a Pine Hills apartment complex. The two were shot behind the leasing office at the Woodridge Apartments. 

A local elementary school went into lockdown during the investigation, as deputies in tactical gear patrolled the nearby Woodhill Apartments, searching for the shooter.

Deputies said the two victims ran to the nearby Woodhill Apartments, where first responders found one outside and another in an apartment. Deputies didn’t immediately identify the victims. Both went to the hospital. Deputies say the injuries are not life-threatening. Residents were saddened by the news.

“It's a horror site out here,” said Sosa Lewis, “just gotta stay low and do the right thing out here, feel me? Just chase your dreams you know? Just stay out of the way, know what I'm saying?”

Deputies weren't sure how or if the victims knew each other.They said the men were being tight-lipped about the shooting.Residents Steven Hayes said things need to turn around.

“I feel something gotta change, bro. You got young boys out here with nothing to do. Someone gotta do something to help them out so they not out here doing that,” Hayes said.

Deputies said this was an isolated case and the public isn't at risk. They are hunting for the shooter and asking anyone with information about this shooting to call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS (8477).