Scammers posing as local law enforcement selling T-shirts

The Clermont Police Department is one of many law enforcement agencies being used in a scam. 

"When it’s coming from a law enforcement agency, it seems like it’s legit. People want to trust us," Clermont Police Sgt. Erin Razo told FOX 35.

Numerous people on Clermont PD's Facebook page saying they received texts about buying this t-shirt.

However, the department says they're not selling them.

"We deal with international fraud as well as domestic fraud all the time. I think that people are betting on it because it is a law enforcement agency, it looks like it’s a legit thing," Razo said. 

This also happened in Osceola and Marion Counties. 

David Wheeler, who is the vice president of the Better Business Bureau, says when it comes to outsmarting scammers, think about a few things.

"We always recommend for you to just pause, take a deep breath, and think about it. Did you get this unsolicited? Is it coming from an organization you’re familiar with? Have you donated in the past or purchased merchandise?" Wheeler said. 

There's also a BBB Scam tracker that allows you to search what scams are going on in your neighborhood. 

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