Salon owners spend Mother's Day preparing to reopen

Salon owners spent Mother’s Day getting ready to reopen.

“I’m excited to take care of my clients and to rebuild my business again because it took a hit,” Unity Nails and Skin Care Owner Jeany Perez said. “It’s been about eight weeks since we’ve been open.”

Jeany Perez owns Unity Nails and Skin Care in Lake Mary.

She’s opening back up Monday.

“We will Lysol the door down,” Perez said. “Have our gloves, our goggles, my mask, and I’ll be ready for them tomorrow.”

But, there will be changes.

“I wanted the magazines to be removed, all the coffee machines, things that would collect germs,” Perez said. “My sofa, I took my sofa out of here. No waiting area.”

Customers must have an appointment and will need to wait in their cars until it’s their turn.

Perez installed Plexiglas at each work station.

Clients will also have to wear a mask.

In Orange County, hairstylist Erica Oehlstrom is not ready to reopen.

“It would’ve just been nice to have a little bit more of a heads up than just at 3:18 p.m. on Friday afternoon on Mother’s Day weekend,” Oehlstrom said.

She is waiting until next weekend.

“To allow myself a little more time to prepare,” Oehlstrom said. “Get the necessities, like masks, that’s going to be required.”

She said there’s a long list of rules she’ll need to follow once she opens up.

She wants to take her time to make sure she gets it right.

“It’s safety and sanitation, so we’re lessening our days that we’re booking,” Oehlstrom said. “We’re just praying for patience and mostly all of my clients have been very, very understanding and patient with me, so I feel very good about waiting.”