Rolling Stones bring Hackney Diamonds Tour to Orlando

An estimated 45,000-plus Rolling Stones fans eager to hear the "Sweet Sounds of Heaven" packed Camping World Stadium on Monday night.

"Paint it, Black"? More like green. From merchandise to food – vendors were out in full force.

"Lines here today are steady," said William Entz.

Within the first hour, Entz said they sold out of multiple items – proving time [was] on [his] side!

"They’re buying this tour’s merchandise because it may be the last time they tour," Entz said.

Alejandro Corcino and the Mr. Loaded crew Play with Fire at every Camping World Stadium event.

"We’re expecting pretty big sales," Corcino said. "It’s been good so far, you can tell – our line is over here."

Big names draw bigger crowds, Corcino said. That is something the city is working on. 

According to Allen Johnson, chief venues officer for the City of Orlando, they aim to secure additional tourism development tax funding for stadium upgrades.

"These enhancements that we’re talking about for the stadium will make us in the ballgame for some of those shows that have a few more demands," Johnson said.

Johnson said he expects the Stones concert to bring in excess of $22 million.

"We’re happy they’re here, eating at our restaurants, going to our shopping, going to our attractions," Johnson said. "That’s one thing about Orlando – when people come to Orlando, they can make a weekend of it and come to a show Monday night."

"It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll," but Stones fans travel.

"I live in Tampa," said Michael Hall. "I drove all the way from Tampa!"

Meaning plenty of heads in beds – and money spent across the city.

"I’ve seen them in San Francisco, I’ve seen them in Los Angeles, I’ve seen them in London," said Mike Watson. "I try to follow them around."

Some concertgoers were hoping to save a buck.

"We’re looking for two tickets," said James Bakalich. "We’re not broke; we’ve got money; we just don’t want to spend it at the box office and pay Ticketmaster fees."

Others were okay with a premium for prime parking. 

"Our parking can range anywhere from $20 to $70," said Katie Hollerman. "It depends on the event," Colby Hollerman added.

The mother-and-son team said this was the first big event of their busy season, and their lot quickly reached capacity.

"Whooo! [It was] before 3:30," Katie Hollerman said. "It was pretty fast!"

According to Johnson, stadium parking sold out very quickly, but garages in downtown Orlando were open, and free shuttles took concertgoers to and from the stadium.

Camping World Stadium is gearing up for several upcoming events, including the Allstate Continental Clasico USA vs. Brazil on June 12, Def Leppard and Journey joined by Cheap Trick on July 10, and Barcelona vs. Manchester United on July 30. For more information, visit the Camping World Stadium website.