Rare white dolphin spotted swimming with pod off California coast

A whale watching tour was treated to an incredible sight after a rare white dolphin was spotted swimming off the coast of California. 

The group with Dana Wharf Whale Watch shared video of the dolphin swimming with a pod of 30 to 40 other dolphins.  

This particular dolphin has reportedly only been seen three times since 2018.  

According to naturalist Laura Lopez, this was not an albino dolphin, but leucistic.

"Leucism, like albinism, is a genetic condition that results in a lack of pigmentation in the skin," the U.S. Navy Marine Species Monitoring blog reports. "Unlike albinism, in which animals usually lack all melanin and have red eyes, leucistic animals tend to retain some pigment in their skin and often have dark, normal colored eyes." 

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Last month, a rare albino dolphin baby was seen swimming in Clearwater. 

Caitlin Mackey was at the Clearwater Basin Marina when she spotted a larger dolphin swimming next to the sea wall. Swimming alongside the dolphin were two calves, including an all-white baby.

Scientists estimate that albinism in mammals happens in about one out of every 10,000 births.