Rain alleviating some drought conditions in Central Florida

A  rainy day meant no customers at Airboat Rides at Midway on Thursday, but owner David Lockhart wasn't complaining. 

"We love the rain right now. If this rain hadn't  started last week we would have probably quit running," he said.
Drought was shrinking the St. Johns River.

Lockhart said boats were getting stuck in sand bars, alligators were struggling to find cool water, and cattle were huddling up at the water's edge.

Eight inches of rain have fallen on the Lockhard's dock in the past week, and the animals are on the move again and tomorrow the boats will be, too.  The rains have drawn turtles and the fish to shallow water, Lockhart said.

"The alligators sit in shallow waters and they're sort of having a feast.  It's sort of a barbecue for them if you will," he said. 

Things are looking better in Osceola County.  The city of St. Cloud reports that retention ponds are filling up, but they are still asking residents stick to a two-day-a-week schedule for watering their lawns. 

A spokesman for the Orlando Region of the South Florida Water Management District told FOX 35 lake levels are getting close to where they should be this time of year.