Pulse nightclub survivor reacts to mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton

Another mass shooting in America. This time there were two in the space of 24 hours: one in El Paso, Texas and the other in Dayton, Ohio.

Brandon Wolf, who survived the Pulse Nightclub shooting, said he was sick of it. “It's painful, it's revolting, it's vile that we live in this kind of society and it's honestly disheartening,” he said.

Wolf said the only thing that would help is when America’s leaders come together to put common-sense gun laws in place – something that he doesn't see happening any time, soon.

“Our politicians, our leaders, don't care to fix the problem because they don't feel they'll ever be held accountable for it,” Wolf said, “there will be no legislative change until we change the people in office - that's the hard and harsh reality we have to face.”

Security experts like James Copenhaver say for now the best people could do is keep their eyes out for anything that seems suspicious, and report it.

“We all use Facebook, Instagram, all the social media outlets. I assure you if you open your phone today you'll find something that will be alarming,” he said.

Copenhaver said the best-case scenario would be if it turned out to be nothing, but at least it gives law enforcement a chance at stopping the next shooter. “That's what these guys do,” he said, “let the cops figure it out. But at least they're getting that intelligence.”