Puerto Rican unrest could send people packing

Puerto Ricans took to the streets of San Juan, calling for Governor Ricardo Rossello to step down, after a series of leaks from the governor's office exposing scandalous texts between him and his advisors.

Anthony Suarez, with the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida, said the crisis was the latest in a series of setbacks.

"You would have problems just because of the bankruptcy, you'd have problems because of the hurricane. Now you'll have additional problems because of a lack of faith in the government."

Suarez, who served in the Florida Legislature, said at least 50,000 Puerto Ricans have moved to the Sunshine State since Hurricane Maria. He said now there may be thousands more headed this way.

"I would imagine between now and next year we should have at least another 25,000 Puerto Ricans in Florida."

Suarez sees at least another ten difficult years for the island, given its current circumstances.

"Puerto Rico has suffered too many generations of political corruption, which has brought the island to the economic ruin that it's in right now.

Orlando's Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce says they're calling for the governor to restore trust and transparency in his office.