Private jets carry relief items from Orlando to Puerto Rico

Floridians are taking to the skies and the waterways to transport supplies to Puerto Rico, as quickly as they can. Orlando is uniting to lend a helping hand to Puerto Rico with an event this weekend, where donations will be collected.

"Lots of water, toiletries, canned goods, batteries, whatever people can help with really," says owner of B.A. Sandwiches, John Collazo.

The event, called "Puerto Rico, Orlando Gives You a Hand" takes place at B.A. Sandwiches from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, September 24. Collazo hasn't heard from his family after the devastating hurricane past through.

"I haven't had any luck yet, but it's okay. We pray, that's the best you can do, right?"

Collazo is working in concert with the Havoc Media Group, who helped Floridians after Irma. Owner Ricardo Garcia is now using those resources to transfer supplies to the island.

"We have private pilots actually taking the equipment and also personnel, and now we have a barge coming from Dominican Republic and one heading out from Miami... we had a plane take off from Marathon yesterday, and it's ongoing right now," says Garcia.

Right now, these entities are accepting supplies, not monetary donations.