Preparations underway for June 18 presidential visit to Orlando

Some 17,000 people are expected to fill Orlando's Amway Center to witness President Donald Trump launch his 2020 re-election run.

However, the City of Orlando is preparing for tens of thousands more to pour into downtown, to be part of the action.  The crowds pose serious traffic issues, so the city is putting a plan together to help alleviate some of the congestion.

“We will be identifying specific road closures from the secret service, we’ll be providing alternate routes of travel to get into the city and we’ll be providing parking information as well to get people into garages and other available parking in the downtown to try to get people in and out as quickly as possible,” said Billy Hattaway, City of Orlando Transportation Department Director.

What sets this event apart from others, according to the city, is that attendees will be from all around the country.

“We’ll have people coming out from even outside the state, who have never been here before and so that all adds to confusion and circulation issues,” said Hattaway.

That’s thousands of people trying to figure out how to navigate the City Beautiful.

“We’re actively working on a traffic management plan, in terms of transportation of motor vehicles but also pedestrian circulation and parking, all three of those activities are going to be heavily impacted,” said Hattaway.

Some advice: avoid the area, expect heavy delays and if you are attending the rally, try taking public transportation and most importantly be flexible.

“Because of the nature of the event and the nature of the secret service, we’re going to have to constantly update you on what’s going on because there’s information that won’t be released until they determine when and if that information can be released,” said Hattayway.

The city reminds the public, secret service could change the plan at any moment with little notice.