Police warn of THC-laced drugs disguised as candy ahead of Halloween

As children head out to trick-or-treat this Halloween, parents should check to make sure the ‘treats’ they bring home are the kind that will only give kids a sugar high.

The Indiana State Police issued a warning ahead of Halloween after finding Skittles and Starburst Gummies that were laced with THC, the main ingredient found in marijuana.

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“Parents, here is an example of what to look for in your child's Halloween candy this year,” police wrote on Facebook. “These were seized just this past weekend by one of our Troopers from the Lowell post.”

Police posted photos of the candy wrappers that appear to be innocent – except that they are labeled ‘medicated.’

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“While they are packaged and marketed to look like candy, they are not. You have to look closely to see the ‘Medicated’ wording.”

Authorities are asking parents to make sure they thoroughly check all candy and “don’t assume it’s ‘OK’ just because it looks ‘OK.’”

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