Police try to identify driver accused of jumping Daytona Beach drawbridge

Daytona Beach police officers are trying to identify a driver accused of jumping a rising drawbridge.

Investigators said the driver of a grey crossover vehicle broke a traffic arm before jumping the Main Street Bridge that crosses over the Halifax River. Police said it happened just before 8 o’clock Monday morning.

According to the Daytona Beach Police Department, it’s not the first time a vehicle was recorded jumping this same bridge as it was rising. Last month, a biker drove a motorcycle over the bridge during the start of Bike Week.

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This latest daredevil made the dangerous jump, getting the attention of bridge workers who were left having to fix the traffic arms.

"It’s absolutely against the law, that’s why the rails are there," said Florida Safety Council spokesperson Bonnie Frank.

While it may look adventurous, Fran said it’s extremely dangerous.

"You’re not just risking yourself, your risking all those other people that are also up on that bridge."

Police are trying to identify the driver by searching for the license plate.