Police swarm Palm Bay home after two people were shot

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Police swarmed a house on Malabar Boulevard after two people were shot.

They said it happened during a house party, when the shooter and a male victim started arguing.

Police said when they showed up to the house, just before midnight, they found a 34-year-old man and a 43-year-old woman, both of them with gunshot wounds. They were taken to a local hospital under a trauma alert.

Officers said the shooter ran away. They said they knew who the shooter was, and were hunting for him. Officers roped-off the area, searching for evidence.

“Another person in the house actually did hear the gunshot, tried to wake me up and say hey, I think there's shooting next door, and I was like, I guess the cops will be called then!” said Lisa Michels, who lives nearby.

Police said it was an ongoing investigation and asked anyone with more information to please contact Palm Bay Police.