Police say they have identified person of interest in murders of Mount Dora couple

Detectives with the Mount Dora Police Department say they're on the brink of identifying the man who shot and killed a couple inside their convenience store three years ago.

"Consider this was your parents or loved ones that had been, you know, murdered for no reason," said Det. Gary Hutcheson, with the Mount Dora Police Department. "Wouldn't you want people to have justice?"

Police said they have identified people of interest in the case, but they haven't been able to make an arrest.

The horrific attack happened on Nov. 30, 2020.

Surveillance video from that night showed a masked gunman, covered head to toe, running across the street and into the store. He then forces Khiem Trinh inside and orders his wife, Minh Nguyen, to get the money.

They both pleaded for their lives, but police say the suspect didn’t listen and shot and killed them both.


Mount Dora police say it was a tragedy for this community. The couple, known by their customers as Ken and Tina, are survived by their two sons. We asked the older son about his parents earlier this year.

"I don't think there's a day that goes by, a moment in my day, where I don't think about what happened, what I saw. Just pretty hard to think about. You just don't forget about something like that," said Vincent Trinh.

Since the start of the investigation, detectives have done more than 150 interviews, and believe the killers were locals. They said people in the community know the truth.

"I believe there are people out there who've been told, but it's all third and fourth-hand information coming to us," Det. Hutcheson added.

Police said in all, the killer got away with less than $300 from the robbery. They said they're looking for a good person who can give them the information they need to crack this case.

"We need those people with the information to basically be a good human being and come forward and say what happened, because this family they don't deserve," said Det. Hutcheson. "He's got two kids who've been orphaned now. The family and the community need justice in this case."