Police help couple race to the hospital as woman is in labor

Cassie Kennedy and Richie Kumm were racing here to Halifax Hospital to deliver their baby, Summer. Luckily, Daytona Beach Police helped get them here right on time.

Daytona Beach police raced against the clock, escorting Cassie Kennedy and husband Richie Kumm up Nova Road. “We were on Nova, and sped past the cop. I said, please don't get pulled over or we're not going to make it,” Kennedy recalled.

Daytona Beach police stepped-up, even blocking traffic so Kennedy and Kumm could just make it to the emergency room, all of it caught on police video.

“He turned on his lights, yelled out the window 'Let's go!' then it just got crazy,” Kumm said.

Just a few minutes later, the couple welcomed their new daughter, Summer. “She's a very mild baby. Very quiet, and she's very sweet. She's pretty, just like all her sisters,” Kennedy said.

They say the police escort made them feel like a million bucks. “It was like being in a movie,” Kennedy said, “I'm not gonna lie. It was really exciting!”

They say if it weren't for the help of Daytona Beach police, “There's no doubt about it,” Kumm surmised, “that the baby would have been in the front seat of the car!”

Summer was delivered at 8 pounds, 12 ounces. Her parents said she's already a good sleeper.