Pilot makes emergency landing on Titusville road west of I-95

Florida Highway Patrol says a flight instructor and his student pilot were forced to make an emergency landing on the busy 407 highway west of I-95 in Brevard County, after the plane suffered a sudden loss of oil pressure. 

Trooper Channing Taylor says about the same time, the pilot told them oil shot out of the nose of the plane and covered the windshield, forcing the pilot to “fly blind”. The plane ended up on the shoulder of the road with minor damage. 

Troopers say the pilot and student did a touch and go in Fort Pierce and began heading back to Sanford when the emergency happened. Airport emergency responders say the pilot tried to make an emergency landing at Space Coast Regional, but he wasn’t close enough and was forced to make the emergency landing. 

Fortunately neither the flight instructor, student pilot, or anyone on the ground were hurt.