Photo of impromptu prayer for deputy goes viral

An impromptu prayer circle has gone viral after a man asked a Florida sheriff's deputy if he could pray for the law enforcement officer's family at a St. Cloud Chick-Fil-A.  

Dave Sklarek is the chief deputy for an Osceola County sheriff's deputy and said though he didn't personally know Mike Creager, he welcomed Creager's request.  "God was just telling me to go and pray for this man and his family," Creager said.

In just one day, the photo got more than a thousand likes and close to 400 shares on Facebook.  

"I had no idea somebody would take a photo but I guess we live in that day in age and if it sends a positive message, then I think that's wonderful and amazing.  We've got many stories through our ranks here, many of the men and women have had their meals paid for by complete strangers in restaurants. And I think this is just another example of the citizens reaching out to us and showing their support," Sklarek said.