19-year-old killed in shooting at Jones High School football game identified

On Saturday night, shots rang out at near the Jones High School football field in Orlando. 

Terry Walker was in the stands supporting his nephew, and heard the gunfire. "The first three shots rung out so powerful to where we were thinking the bullets were coming into the stadium," he said.

When it was all over, Orlando Police say three people were shot. One of them, 19-year-old Gamaine Brown, died and another was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Later, police say a third victim showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound. Police say the survivors' injuries aren't life-threatening. 

(Photo of Gamaine Brown provided by Orlando Police Department)

Walker said people went scrambling when the shots rang out. "People were running, trying to find areas for protection, running in restrooms, concession stands, I myself ran to a concession stand after I realized what was going on. People were trying to find safety."


Orlando Police Chief Eric Smith says it all started with an argument. "Two different groups, basically two people at the event got in whatever altercation they did. That's part of our investigation to find out exactly what happened."

Police say they detained four teens after the shooting, one of them had a gun. They say they believe they have a possible suspect in custody. "We believe we have the right suspect. We have four people detained at this time," Chief Smith said.

Orlando Police say this is an ongoing investigation, and there's no further threat to the community. 

Police were already on site at the game providing security, they say more got there quickly from the EDC festival nearby. Walker said he was shocked. "Whoever would have thought, in years, I've been in Florida all my life, born and raised in Orange County. I've never seen this."