Florida mom fights for life after crushed under truck and tree during Hurricane Nicole: 'A freak accident'

A Florida woman is fighting for her life in the hospital after she was pinned under a tree and truck during Hurricane Nicole.

As Hurricane Nicole brought strong winds to Volusia County last Thursday, an Orange City woman, Julie Tindel, ran out to her car to get medication when a tree was knocked down, and she got crushed under the truck and tree.

"It was just a freak accident I don’t understand it," said Julie's mom, Shelly Tindel. "She was just getting medication and in an instance her life changed, but she’s alive, and I want her to stay that way."

Shelly said her daughter's leg was amputated from the hip and her pelvis was shattered. Julie, a mother herself, is fighting for her life at Lake Monroe Hospital in Sanford.


"She lost all her leg," Shelly Tindel said. "They took her leg right off when she got here and the surgeon made a quick judgment call to save her life now she’s fighting to keep it."

Hurricane Nicole is being blamed for at least five deaths in Central Florida. Two people were electrocuted in Orange County and two others died in a car crash during the storm. In Volusia County, a man died in his docked yacht in Cocoa.

Thankfully, Julie is still alive fighting for her life. The family set up a donation page if you would like to help.

"She’s a good mom," said Shelly. "Good daughter. New mom and she deserves to be alive for her baby."