Passenger survives fall from cruise ship after attempting to take 'selfie'

A cruise ship passenger survived after falling overboard this week, according to officials. 

Passengers onboard were reporting the teen was on the top deck with her family when she leaned over the railing to take a selfie and fell overboard.

“It was very dark and we were going very fast,” said Mary Meier, who witnessed the rescue aboard the Norwegian Epic. 

Cell phone video she shared with the News Station shows a boat heading into the dark waters. 

“The search lights of the ship started searching the water, they also cut the motor on the ship to slow it down,” Meier, who watched from a balcony, said. “Some people were crying and some people were praying. It was, it was very scary.” 

Cruise line officials say the guest fell into the water Tuesday night while they were sailing near the Bahamas. Meier says crews pulled her out after about an hour.

“All the people that were out on the balcony all started applauding after the captain came on and made an announcement that they had found her and that they had gotten her out of the water and she was going to be okay,” she said. 

A statement from Norwegian said, in part, “After recovery, the guest was taken to the onboard medical facility for evaluation.  It has been reported that they are in a stable condition.  The ship arrived in Port Canaveral this morning as scheduled. The guest immediately disembarked to receive any additional medical attention necessary on shore.  We are thankful that our team reacted quickly and was able to rescue the guest.”