OUC debuts energy-efficient showers for homeless citizens around Orlando

The Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) said that they have partnered with SALT Outreach Inc. to provide energy-efficient showers to homeless citizens around Orlando.

They said that they are doing so with a mobile, solar-powered shower trailer. The trailer has four bathrooms and each one contains a shower, toilet, and sink. Engineers with OUC reportedly worked with SALT to retrofit the trailer with four solar panels to provide about 60 showers per charge.

“As the hometown utility, we’re always seeking ways to combine our commitment to energy efficiency with our community outreach,” said Jenise Osani, OUC Vice President of Marketing & New Products. “This partnership with SALT allows us to spread the message of clean energy while helping our neighbors work to end their cycle of homelessness.”

Homeless citizens often have to wait as long as three months between showers, OUC reported. 

“With the solar panels provided by OUC, we are able to operate in even more places, and are more equipped to meet the Homebound where they are,” said Eric Camarillo, SALT Outreach President & CEO. “It dramatically increases our service area and ultimately helps us to provide more showers, to even more people, in even more places. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it will help us cut down costs we may pay for power that we can reinvest in helping empower our Homebound friends on the road to obtaining employment, housing and self-sufficiency.” 

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.