Orphaned manatee 'Buckeye' back in the care of SeaWorld Orlando

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An orphaned manatee that was rescued and rehabilitated at SeaWorld Orlando in 2015 is back at the theme park after rescue teams were alerted of his unexplained weight loss. 

SeaWorld says Buckeye was first rescued almost four years ago in Daytona Beach when he was found orphaned and underweight. He spent more than two years with SeaWorld's animal care team where he was given around the clock care and bottle feedings.

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In 2017, Buckeye was tranferred to Jacksonville's Zoo and returned to Blue Springs State Park in March 2018 after gaining a healthy 600 pounds, according to a press release. 

On Tuesday, SeaWorld says Buckeye had to be put back in their care so their veterinarians could conduct diagnostic testing to identify the cause of the weight loss.

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The team says they are hopeful that the manatee will be cleared for return to Blue Springs State Park in the near future.