Residents bring frustrations over flooding to Orange County Commission

People in the Orlo Vista neighborhood are bringing their frustrations to the Orange County Commission.

Many homes in the Orlo Vista neighborhood were flooded because of Hurricane Ian. Families were evacuated by the National Guard. 

"Everything was fully furnished, living room sets, and this is all we have left," said Jason Mcintosh who lost nearly everything inside his home. 

Mcintosh addressed the Orange County Commission Tuesday with his frustrations. 


"My girlfriend bought the house when she was 22 years old," said Mcintosh. "She’s been in there for 18 years. This is her second time losing everything. We are asking for some type of clarity."

Orlo Vista homes were flooded in 2017 by Hurricane Irma and people had to be rescued by the National Guard after the retention pond system in the neighborhood overflowed. The county received money from FEMA to fix the issue, but the same thing happened again with Hurricane Ian. 

The Public Works Director said after Irma in 2017, plans were made to allow for more capacity for stormwater in the retention ponds in the Orlo Vista area, but the construction hadn't started yet. 

"If the construction had occurred and if we had experienced what we just experienced with this storm how would we have faired?," Mayor Demings asked the Public Works Director. "I know it would have been less impact," the director responded.