Orlando weather forecast: Another pleasant Friday with highs in the low 80s

Tonight's low: 67 degrees | Tomorrow's high: 83 degrees | Rain: Mainly dry Friday

Main weather concerns: No real weather concerns Friday. It will be cooler overall with highs generally in the low-80s across the viewing area. Northerly breezes develop as high pressure fills in from the North.

The beaches look decent weather-wise with comfy temps and breezy north winds. Highs seaside creep into the upper 70s to around 80 this afternoon. The rising North winds will make for a longshore current, so not the best day for taking a dip in the Atlantic. A longshore current is a swift channel of water typically encountered upon entering the surf zone.  Strengthening northerly breezes will keep this current running strong throughout the day. Surf is in the 2-3' range in a developing Northerly wind swell.

The theme parks will feature lots of sunshine mixing with clouds at times, periodic North breezes, and a high near 83. Nice day to enjoy the attractions.

Temps reside in the 80s as we head into the weekend. Winds will be on the rise as high-pressure stages over the Eastern U.S. and low pressure develops in the Northern Caribbean. The atmosphere will be in a "pinch" of sorts and this interaction between the high and the low will set up a gusty Northeast wind. Beyond that, we're monitoring the said low for tropical or subtropical development.

This potential system could move near or on top of Florida early next week. Local impacts could include steady midweek rain, wind gusts 20-30mph, rising seas-surf, beach erosion during times of higher tides.

The FOX 35 Storm Team is monitoring Tropical Storm Lisa near mainland Mexico. Hurricane Martin is located over the distant North Atlantic, no threat to land. Longer term, an area of low pressure could develop over the Bahamas early next week, possibly bringing wind and rain impacts to Florida during that time. 

Stay with the FOX 35 STORM TEAM for the latest, hurricane season remains in play until November 30.