Orlando to hire 'equity official,' with starting salary around $90K

The City of Orlando says they're serious about fostering better social and race relations within local government and throughout the community.

“I thought it was appropriate that we have somebody or a team that gets up and evaluates how we can do better every day on social equity issues,” said Mayor Buddy Dyer.

To get there, the city is looking to hire an equity official, someone charged with making Orlando a more racially and socially just place.

“They will have responsibility for looking at every policy in the city how it affects racial equity and make recommendations related to policies,” Dyer said.

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The job ad states that among the equity official's jobs will be to recommend city policies that address systemic inequalities in city government, implement programs to achieve fair outcomes in city government, and coordinate employee training on diversity, equity and inclusion.

“We're letting somebody get in and open up the hood, look inside and make recommendations, and help us do better on a daily basis,” Dyer said.

Local Black Lives Matter activists said they welcomed the move. They only hoped that the person who gets the job would do something meaningful with the role.

“I think that it's a start but it doesn't mean that everybody can start celebrating and say they did their part and now they're done,” said Miles Mulrain, a BLM Protest Organizer, “it's just a small step and it's a lot more than just one person you can bring in and make this change that we need.”

The city is accepting applications until 5 p.m. on Oct. 16. The minimum starting salary is about $93,000. They're looking for a candidate with at least seven years’ experience.