Orlando Police cracking down on speeding drivers during COVID-19 pandemic

Orlando Police are out looking for speeding drivers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve noticed and we’ve received complaints of higher speeds due to the lower congestion on the highway,” said Sergeant John Keefe with the Orlando Police Department (OPD) traffic division.

OPD is conducting a speed awareness enforcement called “Operation Highway Slow Down” between April 20 and May 1. During that time period, ten officers will be targeting speeding and aggressive drivers on three state roads, SR 408, SR 417 and SR 528. 

Sergeant Keefe said in one hour during a weekday, officers stopped 50 drivers for speeding, citing that “I have personally stopped several vehicles a week at over 100 miles an hour."

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Sergeant Keefe said officers are seeing a 40 to 50 percent decrease in traffic volume since the coronavirus pandemic and unfortunately, that gives drivers more room to drive faster. He said that those drivers are putting essential workers like police officers, construction workers, and road rangers in danger.

“[If we can prevent] someone getting hurt or killed, if we can prevent that by being out here then that’s exactly why we’re here," Keefe added.

Officers are using protective measures when they pull people over by practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and gloves.


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