Orlando International Airport prepares facility for social distancing

As more passengers start to fly again, Orlando International Airport is preparing for social distancing.

There’s more legroom and plenty of space, even before hopping onto your flight. 

Passenger Daisy Zanous says, "When you’re dealing with an airport the size of Orlando, it’s very helpful."
Check-in kiosks are 6 feet apart at the ticket counter. 

There’s also Plexiglas shields at each check-in station.

Social distancing will soon be seen throughout OIA, including security and departure gates.

We talked to Tom Draper, senior director of airport operations. 

"With the checkpoint queue, we’ll have more lines and the lines will be spaced out."

Draper says cleaning crews will constantly wipe down touchpoints on the people mover. 

Right now, it’s empty but will soon start getting more crowded.

Crews will also be cleaning the elevators, buttons and escalator handles. 

As for the terminal and departure gates, you may start seeing chairs moved around and even closed off for social distancing.

And at the food court, they have social distancing markers and Plexiglas shields to protect the workers.

Airport leaders say many of the 14 TSA agents infected have now recovered. 

Passengers say it's spacious onboard as they wear masks and bring their own food and water. 

A woman named Maureen said, "Just wonderful. The planes are empty. Nobody’s sitting next to you." 

Last week, passenger traffic was down 97 percent, but this week it’s at 95 percent. 

Draper says airlines are also parking 122 planes on-site at OIA until service resumes.