Orlando International Airport faces tram troubles again

UPDATE: The shuttle services between gate 1 and 59 are currently working.

The shuttles were out between 10:10 a.m. and 11:03 a.m. due to mechanical issues.

The tram connected Airside 3 to the main terminal building. There were no passengers onboard during the incident. 

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) apologies for the latest incident and continues to work with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America and its contracts, who are responsible for the installation and operation of the tram system, to resolve any ongoing issues.

Due to an on-going terminal-wide $3 billion construction project, there was only one tram servicing the airside at the time.

Already in a state of precaution given the issues earlier in the week, the airport had a plan to move passengers by bus and foot. The walkway between airside 3 and the main terminal was also opened during the time of the incident. 

American, United, and Spirit airlines were primarily affected. The affected airlines have delayed approximately 14 flights. Passengers on those flights are receiving priority status to board their flights.

Airport staff, Orlando Police (OPD), Airport Rescue Fire Fighters (ARFF), concessions personnel, customer service ambassadors, and other airlines are all assisting passengers until operations return to normal.

For a third time in just under a week, the Orlando International Airport is once again suffering from tram troubles.

Shuttle services to and from gates 1 through 50 are currently temporarily interrupted. Buses and walkway options are available. 

The tram delay on Sunday caused 51 people to miss their flight.