Orlando: Don't trim your trees before Dorian

The City of Orlando concerned about debris that can become very problematic during a hurricane.

Waste crews urging people not to trim trees because they won’t be picking up the branches before the storm.

“We are advising doing any last minute maintenance for this storm,” said Joseph England, Sustainability Project Manager, City of Orlando.

The trucks making the final rounds Thursday. In addition to flying tree limbs, the debris causes another problem during a storm.

“Yard waste that is not collected and at the curb becomes a potential hazard for blocking storm drains,” said England.

That contributes to dangerous flooding, he added.

“We want you to make sure that you bring all your yard waste back, bring it close to your house, as long as it’s near or close to your house bagged or bundled, you’re not going to have any issue when it comes to wind or anything that relates to the storm,” said England.

Better yet, put the yard waste and any other objects that my fly in a garage or shed. Collection will continue, once the storm passes.

“The more you bag and bundle your yard waste, the better chance it gets collected quickly,” said England.