Orlando attorney John Morgan backs Florida recreational pot amendment

Amendment Three on Florida’s ballot, this November, would make recreational marijuana use legal in the sunshine state. On Wednesday, a powerful voice joined the chorus of those pushing for passage: Orlando trial lawyer John Morgan. "I believe, I know, that marijuana laws in the United States of America have been the most unjust, unfair, most draconian laws ever," Morgan said at a news conference.

The amendment would apply to people age 21 and over and set limits on the amount people can possess. The move is backed by the marijuana industry and being pushed by a group called Smart & Safe Florida, which organized the event. "When the campaign asked me to step up and lend my voice because I've been here before, I'm here to do it," Morgan said.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is against the amendment. "The weed one is not just decriminalize," he said, "it's basically it's basically a license to have it anywhere you want. No time place and manner restrictions. This state will start to smell like marijuana in our cities and towns. That will reduce the quality of life."

DeSantis wasn’t the only one fighting back against this amendment. "We're going to try to get the word out to educate everybody that we don't want to be California, we don't want to be Colorado. We want to keep Florida healthy and safe and keep all of our children safe," said Ellen Snelling, with the Hillsborough County Anti-Drug Alliance.

Morgan said with a million medical marijuana cards already in-use in the state, that criticism was ridiculous. "We don't smell it now. Have you ever walked around a marijuana store? I don't smell anything. Know why? You can't smoke it outside. It's a lie."

Florida voters passed the medical marijuana amendment by more than 70 percent, in 2016. This ballot measure needed a 60 percent margin of approval to pass. Morgan said he smoked marijuana and used marijuana edibles regularly. He said he was confident the measure would pass, despite opposition. "Follow the money. Pharmacies and the liquor industry, this is a mortal threat. But guess what, it's gonna happen. It's gonna happen."