Orlando airport passport mix-up delays 7-year-old's trip back home

The family of a 7-year-old boy said his trip back home to Jamaica was delayed after an airport worker switched his passport with another child.

"My passport got switched," said 7-year-old Kyle Martin. He said he is happy to head back home to Jamaica, and he was supposed to fly home yesterday but had the wrong passport.

"The mix-up took place when the passport was put in his patch." Kyle’s aunt, Marcia Durant said. 

When Kyle originally flew to Orlando, a JetBlue worker put the wrong passport back into his patch. 

"At the time another boy from the same flight was also getting assistance because they were traveling without an adult," said Durant. "Another kid came up with them from Jamaica as an unaccompanied minor and the kid had his passport and he had the kid’s passport."

JetBlue said they take escorting unaccompanied minors very seriously and have protocols in place to make sure it goes smoothly.

JetBlue refunded Kyle’s family $300 for the unaccompanied minor fee and also credited his family $300 for travel. 

In a statement, a spokesperson said, "This situation is extremely rare, and it remains unclear when and how this may have occurred. While we continue to review the situation, we are happy to hear all documents have been returned to their owners."

Marcia said a manager helped connect them with the mother of the other boy that had Kyle’s passport, so they switched them back.

"Thank God she was receptive because she had to drive 2 hours to get here," said Durant who still wants to be compensated for missing work.

"Utter confusion because, I took time off from work yesterday, his father did the same thing. His mother is waiting in Jamaica to receive him. So it’s like 3 people inconvenienced," Durant said. "They must learn to look at the passports better."