Orange residents concerned with noisy night construction

Residents in East Orange County may hear loud noise as construction takes place on State Road 408.

At the Valencia Place subdivision, construction is located behind home right now it's quiet, but residents say, at times it's way too loud.  The Central Florida Expressway Authority says, they have empathy for residents, but ask for their patience, as they demolish the old westbound ramp from State Road 408 to 417 southbound.

Officials say, for the next 30 days, there may be loud construction noise between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. The Valencia Place HOA president Joseph Hitchcock says, the sound of jack hammers, saws and loud booms rang out last night.

"On a scale of 1-10 it was about a 7-8 throughout the night. It wasn't constant. But there was times when it was very loud. Other times when it was tolerable .There's no law or record to say they have to do this at night."

According to the Valencia Place HOA attorney, there's no specific statue, saying, demolition must take place overnight.  But the Expressway Authority spokesperson told us, they have to shut down Northbound 417 to the 408 during demolition for safety reasons and must it must take place overnight.

If you're driving on the 417 NB, there's a detour at the Goldenrod exit.  Re-enter eastbound on SR 408 to head Northbound on the 417. Again, this will be taking place till 5 in the morning, so be sure to add extra time to your morning commute just in case.