Orange County GOP leader says her Facebook page was hacked

Two candidates for governor are asking an Orange County Republican State Committee woman to step down after a post on Facebook.

"I said it was shameful and despicable," explains Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hill.

Hill is talking about this Facebook meme that was posted on the page of Orange County Republican State Committee Woman Kathy Gibson. The meme says “Andrew Gillum says when he wins Governor of Florida, his people will be getting paid back for slavery.”  

Hill says, "It was a bold face lie. but more so it was about slavery and I think it had no place in politics local, state and national.  It was very hurtful to me especially when we talk about slavery."

Kathy Gibson says her Facebook account was hacked and let everyone know it on her Facebook page.

"Anyone can hack these days and frequently do and that’s my comment. I had nothing to do with that post."

Gibson believes she was targeted.

"I don’t have any idea who did this. I am not a racist. I gotta phone call because my email was posted. I started getting lots of violent filthy emails."

The campaigns of Ron Desantis and Andrew Gillum say Gibson should step down.Gillum released this statement saying, “This race should be about issues. Not about the Mayor’s skin color.”

The DeSantis’ campaign says, “Kathy Gibson should resign, and so should anyone else that subscribes to this sort of disgusting thinking,”  

Hill says she’s going to Ask Governor Scott to get involved, but Gibson has no plans to step down.

"I continue to serve doing the volunteer work and things that I continue to do. It’s my passion it always has been. I work from absolute fairness. I have not been treated fairly."