Orange County firefighters battle apartment fire

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Two people are out of their home after this fire broke out this morning, devastating this building. Fire officials say four of the six condos in this building are a complete loss.

It was a terrifying way to wake up on Memorial Day morning. “Quarter after five, I guess my wife started ‘Smoke! It's smoking!’ Somebody out back is yelling ‘Fire!’ I ran outside and the third building all the way from the end was already engulfed,” said Ken, one of the two people who lives in the building.

Ken was in bed in his Tymberskan home of more than 30 years when the building went up in flames. The building is made up of six condos. Ken and his wife were the only ones who live there but not anymore. “Basically we're out, out everything.”

Fire officials say the call came in around 5:15 a.m. from a building on the next street over. But when they got there, they realized it was this building on Tymberwood Lane that was on fire, and it wouldn’t stop. “It went shhh. it went straight through the building.”

It took crews well over an hour to put it out and extra time to secure the area. “Those buildings are very close together so they needed to put water on the adjacent building to protect that from catching on fire,” said Orange County Fire Rescue Assistant Chief James Bates.

No one was hurt in the fire. Four of the condos were destroyed, but Ken’s home only had water and smoke damage. He says he was lucky that things weren’t worse. “We trust in God. He's our supply and our strength and this is just another opportunity for him to work a miracle.”

The Red Cross is assisting Ken and his wife. The State Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of this fire.