Orange County drops LaunchED@Home as educational option for 2021-22 year

The Orange County School District will not offer LaunchED@Home as an educational option for the 2021-22 school year, Superintendent Barbara Jenkins told the school board on Tuesday.

Jenkins stated the district was hopeful that the Florida Department of Education would decide on the continuation of the LaunchED@Home model and potential funding.  However, she added that any further delay of a decision would be a hardship on students, their families, and school staff who need to be able to plan now for next year. If there is a change of heart at the state level and additional information does come down the issue will be revisited, she said.

Remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

Parents and guardians may enroll their child in Orange County Virtual School if they do not wish for their student to return to "face-to-face" learning next school year.

"We are always going to be looking out for the safety of our children and our employees," Jenkins told FOX 35 News.  "That is our commitment.  It always has been. [We] don't want to make anyone uncomfortable or inconvenienced."

The district’s website has additional information about virtual learning.