Orange Clerk of Courts Office warns of email scam

The Orange County Clerk of Courts Office is warning residents about an email scam.

It looks like an official summons, decked out with a case number and filing information, but officials say you should think, before you click.

Orange County Clerk of Courts Communications Director Dain Weister says, "People are getting these emails saying you have a notice to appear in court, but it's not a real notice to appear of course."

Weister says it's a fake email that urges you to click on the attachment.

"Then when you do that, it can download a virus on your computer where they could possibly steal your personal information."

Weister says the complaints started rushing in about a week ago.  Now, he's trying to get the word out to everyone in Orange County and beyond.

"We started receiving calls into the call center about it. We had a couple of people come into the courthouse to say they received this notice. They're making it look like it's coming from the State's E-Portal system."

The courthouse on high alert for a criminal, who's hiding behind a computer screen, launching a cyber attack on taxpayers,

"We want to protect the integrity of the court system and protect people from being victimized from this."

Weister says, the office only sends summons through the U.S. Postal Service, not email.