Nuisance bear in Longwood trapped, euthanized

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on Friday captured a nuisance bear which they said had been exhibiting aggressive behavior in the Longwood area of Seminole County. 

FWC biologists believe the adult bear is responsible for attacking several dogs and opening and entering unoccupied, parked vehicles. FOX 35 reported late last month that a bear became trapped inside an SUV, destroying the interior of the vehicle.

This week, the bear which had been euthanized is believed to be the same one that entered a garage by breaking through the side door. FWC says these types of conflicts are rare for Florida black bears. 

FWC said the bear was humanely killed, due to its "escalating conflict behavior that posed a risk to the public."  One of the two cubs traveling with this bear was also captured and released into the Ocala National Forest. 

Residents should keep garage doors closed, lock car doors and announce their presence before going outdoors or letting pets outside, especially in the mornings and evenings when bears are most active.