North Carolina Holocaust survivor celebrates 103rd birthday

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Holocaust survivor Frieda Ross Van-Hessen celebrated her 103rd birthday Tuesday at the Olive Garden in Pineville - sharing stories of a lifetime over her favorite bowl of pasta. 

Frieda is a renowned author and holocaust survivor, even telling her story in the Shoah (Holocaust) Video Projects led by director Stephen Spielberg and the USC Shoah Foundation in 1998.

"The team at Olive Garden in Pineville went above and beyond to make this celebration extra special. After reaching out to the USC Shoah Foundation to share the news about Frieda’s birthday celebration, the restaurant team surprised Frieda by reading a birthday well wishes letter to her sent directly from the foundation’s Executive Director," Kelly Cole said. 

Frieda also dined with Billy Graham Library Vice President Scott Holmquist, who lead a blessing to start the festivities.