New video shows moments after teens accidentally run over on Daytona Beach by patrol officer

New video released shows the moments after a Volusia County Beach Patrol Sergeant accidentally ran over two teens sunbathing in Daytona Beach on Memorial Day. 

A report states that the sergeant who ran over the teens had just pulled away from a marked emergency traffic lane when he hit the two 18-year-olds. 

Body cam footage shows the sergeant explaining what happened to deputies on the scene. 

FOX 35 spoke with Jessica Juarez, the mother of one of the teens badly hurt in the incident. She said her daughter is on a long road to recovery and also reacted to the newly released body cam footage. 

"The lack of professionalism from that sergeant is, it's concerning to me, said Juarez. "We expect that the lifeguards are taking priority for safety, and that doesn't seem safe to me."

The sergeant involved in the incident was cited for careless driving, and Beach Safety said it would determine whether disciplinary action would be necessary after the agency had "reviewed all the facts," the spokesperson said. 

Juarez said she's thankful her daughter was able to make the call that day to let her know what happened.