New gun technology could distinguish between good guys, bad guys

Friend or foe? A local start-up is using new technology to help cops tell the difference between good guys and bad guys. 

They’re called "intelligent guns," but the intelligent part is just one piece that clips onto the gun.

Serious Simulations CEO and Founder Christopher Chambers says this little piece is intelligent enough to stop bad guys while protecting good guys when there’s an active shooter.

“In an active shooter situation there may be confusion as to who is the perpetrator and who might be another well-meaning teacher,” Chambers said.

The technology, he says, would eliminate that confusion thanks to markers and sensors identifying other intelligent guns nearby. 

Chambers uses virtual reality to test it out. The goal is to make this technology available to military, law enforcement and armed teachers.

“If you point that gun at another teacher's gun or a law enforcement gun, it gives you a visual and tactile response that tells you that that is a friendly gun,” Chambers said.

The guns would be stored in Wifi-connected gun safes. 

“School officials and police also have the ability to control the access and the opening of the safe,” Chambers said.

These intelligent guns are still in development in Orlando. 

Chambers hasn’t sold it to schools yet, but hopes they will be ready for that within the next six months.

“This unobtrusive set of sensors, computer and access control measures make the entire argument about armed teachers a different argument,” he said.