New COVID-19 spike in Florida: Here's why the governor says it's happening

Florida's governor says more people being tested is leading doctors to find more positive cases of coronavirus in the Sunshine State.

The state reported another 2,500 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday.

Governor Ron DeSantis said it was because more younger people are being tested.

“CVS, all these places, you can now go get tested for COVID-19. So what I think we're seeing is, of the people testing positive, way more are in the 25-45 than what's happening two months ago.” 

Orlando physician Dr. Jason Littleton said he was not surprised to see the number of positive test results spiking as the state reopened.

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“You're having an increase of people coming together and organizing, so that's going to spread COVID-19. You're having more tests being done. One, because more tests are available, two, you have employers testing their employees to find out who still needs to stay at home.”
Dr. Littleton said anyone who unexpectedly gets a positive test should take the proper precautions.

“Someone who comes back positive should quarantine for 14 days and get clearance from their primary care doctors. That's the responsible thing to do,” he said.

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Little said the hospitals were ready to handle it.

“Overall, Florida will be ready if this comes back. I don't think it will be like last time. I don't think we'll have to shut the economy down if this happens again.”
Free coronavirus testing is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Orange County Convention Center seven days a week.