Hurricane Ian floods Kissimmee roads, neighborhoods

The National Guard spent the day in Kissimmee rescuing people of all ages in different neighborhoods. The Kissimmee City manager says, areas like North Kissimmee by Central and Columbia Avenue. And the west side of town, by Woodside, Osceola High and Shingle Creek were affected.

At Good Samaritan Society Kissimmee Village, the National Guard rescued senior citizens from their homes. Sheriff Marcos Lopez says,  "People, they don’t want to go. Can’t really force them to go."  Deputies are concerned about Shingle Creek rising and the water levels getting even worse in this retirement community with no power.

And over at Pebble Pointe in Kissimmee where there are 600 homes, Osceola deputies rescued people of all ages using airboats. Nancy Santucci says, "We woke up and swung out of bed and said oh my God, and everywhere we went there was 6 ½" of water and everything is floating."
We asked Hermie Evangelista,  "Why she decided to be rescued, "Because we don’t have any I have asthma we don’t have any power, and I’m coughing. I don’t want to be calling 911."

And even though they were cold and tired, Nancy kept up a positive attitude. "A free airboat ride, I’ve never had one. That was great." A curfew is in effect in Kissimmee till 6 o’clock on Friday.