Missing Ocala venomous cobra has social media followers

Ocala's missing cobra is becoming a social media phenomenon.

"Oh my gosh, Kelly, he has more followers than you do!" Lisa Rice said as she displayed the cobra's Facebook and Twitter pages.

You read that correctly. The venomous cobra has its own Facebook page and Twitter page (@OcclaCobra) with nearly 3,000 followers. It is slithering into the national spotlight too.

Lisa Rice explained, "It's kind of sad that it's a snake in Marion County getting all the attention."

People around town, like Lisa Pierce of Orlando, were talking about the unusual nature of it all.

"I don't know what to think about that!," Pierce said with a laugh. "A snake on the loose. I mean, he has a right to have his own Facebook page if he wants one, doesn't he?"

The reptile has cheeky posts like, "Every day I'm slitherin'," and is even selling "Ocala Cobra" T-shirts online.

The creator of the Cobra's Facebook page is promising $100 to Marion County's Habitat for Humanity, for every thousand likes. The count was over 3,000 Thursday night.

David Layman, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of Marion County, said, "That's probably the first time Habitat for Humanity has ever been remembered by a snake."

Layman said his staff saw the post Thursday.

"It's a novel idea to raise money for our Habitat affiliate," he explained. "This is a first. We've never seen anything like this."

In all seriousness, Florida Fish and Wildlife said Thursday they're focusing on the house from where the cobra escaped and it's perimeter.

Layman explained, "I sure hope no one gets hurt in this process and they find this rascal and put him back where he belongs."

FWC said they will have someone at the house until the snake is found.