Mask mandate goes into effect, requiring Osceola County residents to wear masks in public

Osceola County residents prepared Sunday for an emergency order that would require them to wear a face cover in public.

The order started at midnight on Monday. The county is the first in Central Florida to make an order like this.

“That’s amazing that we’re the leader and Osceola County’s first,” Kenneth Juran, of Kissimmee, said. He has already started wearing his when he’s outside. FOX 35 News saw him wearing one on Sunday while riding his bike.

The county announced the emergency face-covering order on Friday. Osceola County Commissioner Viviana Janer said that "according to the CDC’s guidance, they can help stop the spread of the disease especially if someone is asymptomatic or is not presenting any symptoms."

County leaders want you to use face coverings like bandanas and scarves, not necessarily masks.

“Please refrain from purchasing any additional N95 masks or other PPE, as they are much needed by our first responders,” Janer said.

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The face coverings must cover your nose and mouth and be able to stay on without using your hands.

There are exceptions to the rule, like for certain medical conditions and for kids under the age of two. But, if you’re headed to the grocery store or the pharmacy, your face must be covered.

“There’s actually a bunch of people around here wearing masks or just bandanas, trying to protect themselves,” Savannah Fernandez, of Kissimmee, said.

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Police and deputies in Osceola County will be enforcing this order. You could face a fine or jail time if you are not following it.

This order will be in place until further notice.


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