March for Our Dreams and Freedom attendees send message to Florida lawmakers

People from all different walks of life converged at Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando on Monday night for the March for Our Dreams and Freedom.

There were people in attendance from different types of marginalized groups advocating for the rights of students, women, immigrant communities, transgender, LGTBQ+, reproductive rights, and many others.

Organizers tell FOX 35 News the time is now to make their voices heard as event organizers say the rights of Floridians are being threatened like never before. Attendees claim state government officials are using the law to restrict and punish certain communities so they marched to show solidarity.

Executive Director Felipe Sousa-Lazaballet of The Hope Community Center said, "There is a complete attack on our lives right now. Whether you’re a transgender person who can no longer get access to healthcare, or you’re an immigrant who is afraid of even leaving the state with their U.S. citizen children, or you’re afraid of the education system bending your history right now. All of us are impacted by these policies." He continued, "While they’re trying to erase our history, erase our humanity, we are here to say we exist, we love, and we belong here."