Many have mixed reactions on getting coronavirus vaccine if it's ready in 4 weeks

With President Donald Trump recently announcing that a coronavirus vaccine could be available in a matter of weeks, many are hopeful.

"We're gonna have a vaccine in a matter of weeks. It could be for weeks, it could be eight weeks," the president said on FOX and Friends via phone.

We asked Dr. Raul Pino, with the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, if he thought it was exciting news.

"Yes, of course! But what is important is not just how quick, but how effective the vaccine is going to be." 

Dr. PIno said phase three clinical trials will help provide the answers in coming up with a successful vaccine. He added that there may be challenges in administering the vaccine, getting second doses, and even distribution. He told us that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is working on a plan to get the vaccine out.

"Our experience is with drive-through pods like we have done with the flu. So that’s one of our preferences because it allows us to move large volumes at the same time." 

Even if there is a vaccine soon, people have mixed reactions on whether or not they’re going to take it.

Stephanie Rivera said, "Yea, I would take it. We really need one at a time like now. We definitely need one as soon as possible."

However, Tavares Alexander expressed some reservations.

"I wouldn’t fully trust it. I want to be 100% sure what it could possibly do or the side effects that could come with it."

Elizabeth Cotto is ready for one now.

"I work in a nursing home so it would be preferred. I think it’s a really good idea."

So while some say they would wait till mid-2021 to try a vaccine, others are ready now.