Man rescued after crashing car into pond

Orlando firefighters say a man accidentally drove a car into it on Monday.

John Sirbu, 25, suffered from scrapes and bruises, after escaping from a car submerged in a pond.  The gold Lexus he was driving was muddy and mangled, after being pulled out by a tow truck.

"I just jumped through the door," John said.

He was driving the vehicle near Semoran Blvd., when he lost control of the vehicle as it was raining, he explained.

"I pushed the brake, and it skid, and I lose control. The street was wet, and the back of the car was sliding."

It slid onto the grass and past the sidewalk.

"I hit that tree and from the tree, I jumped from the water and from the water I swim to the beach."

Sirbu said the window broke when he hit the tree, so he climbed out of it, then swam to land. The car is now totaled.

"It was supposed to be delivered to South Carolina."

He's not sure what caused the car to go out of control, but says he apologized to his client. He's relieved he survived with minor injuries.

"Scared for my life, because a lot of people die in accidents. Thank God I live! It's just a little bit scratches."