Man charged with setting off explosive at McDonald's

Kenneth Capo, 54, made his first appearance before a judge this Wednesday afternoon, charged with possession and discharging a device.  The meeting came just hours after he walked out of jail and was re-arrested on the same charges for a different incident. 

The Orange County Sheriffs Office says Capo is the man responsible for setting off an explosion in the bathroom the McDonald's on North Orange Blossom Trail back in July while the restaurant was full of people.

Just 14 days earlier, deputies say Capo blew up some kind of device just outside the doors of the Advanced Discount Auto Parts on Clarcona Ocoee Rd.  Captain Angelo Nieves says detectives had been looking at Capo for a while, surveillance cameras played a key role in his arrest. 

"Once they received surveillance video they were able to put the circumstances together as to what occurred," said Captain Angelo Nieves.

Employees at the auto parts store tell FOX 35 that surveillance video shows the suspect placing a five-quart jug of motor oil next to a garbage can just outside the front door, then igniting something behind it, causing a huge fire ball sending oil flying everywhere.  A month later and you can still see dark stains on the concrete from the motor oil.  Captain Nieves says they busted Capo on video at the McDonald's too. 

With both devices being ignited in such high traffic public places, investigators are thankful and say it was just by chance that no one got hurt.

"Definitely definitely could have been seriously hurt so we're very glad our detectives were able to get this info together, get hi off the streets and identified and no bond," said Captain Nieves.

Detectives served search warrants to go through Capo's home and his car.  They wound not say if they found anything indicating any future crimes of this sort.