Man amazed when lost envelope full of cash is returned

An Apopka man says he lost hundreds of dollars in this parking lot at Apopka City Hall, but what happened next amazed him.

"I lose my keys, I lose my glasses, I knew I dropped it somewhere and lost it."

Lost an envelope full of cash! Tony Rivera thinks it fell out of his pocket as he got out of his truck…

"It was actually inside a bank envelope when you take money out."  

He says it was money he planned to spend for a special occasion.

"It was my wife’s birthday and we were gonna go to Disney." After a week went by, Tony figured it was gone.

"Obviously someone found it and kept it."

But then, when he returned to City Hall to pull permits for work, some employees wanted to talk to him.

"They approached my truck and asked if I dropped an envelope and I go ya it was full of money and were like how much. I told them how much and they said yep we have your envelope."

The city administrator says a worker looked at surveillance video to figure out who lost the money. He says the employee who turned in the money didn’t want to be identified.Tony thanked everyone with a surprise.

"A dozen donuts for everyone in the office and a thank you card for her. She’s very humble and wouldn’t take my reward."

For Tony its enriching to know, strangers are watching out for each other.

"Makes me feel happy that we still have good people like that, this community needs more people like her."

Tony says he plans to be more careful when handling money in the future.