Man accused of double murder enters court screaming, denied bond

Double murder suspect Damon Kemp screamed as he was wheeled into court, shouting at the judge, as he tried to speak.

“I've reviewed your arrest and determined there's probable cause for your arrest,” the judge said over Kemp’s shouting, “I've appointed the public defender to represent you so you have a lawyer, this morning.”

Kemp’s eyes darted-around, as the judge told him he's staying behind bars. “I do believe there is probable cause for your arrest. Under these circumstances, I'm not able to grant you bond,” he said.

As bailiffs wheeled Kemp out, relatives of Treay Ingraham -- one of the two men he's charged with shooting to death -- couldn't hold back their anger.

“Day-Day, why would you do that to Treay?” one of them pleaded, “Day-Day, I fed you, Treay fed you! He let you live in his house rent-free, why would you do that to Treay, Day-Day?! Day-Day's wrong for that! He's wrong for that!”

Police say Ingraham and Jordan Paden let Kemp stay with them at their Daytona Beach apartment, and were trying to help him. Ingraham's distraught mother, Nerissa Carter Young, was desperate to know why her son is dead.

“Even the young man who committed this crime, or they say committed this crime -- all of them only 19. All of them just babies,” Young said.

They were answers that might never come, even after Kemp's trial. But until then, Young has a message for young people. “Don't be self-destructive,” she pleaded, “if anything, go out and do something nice for someone else, in Treay's name. How about that? That's what you do.”